Veyor success stories

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Or in our case, the efficiently-managed completion of a project. Take a look how we’ve helped get stuff done.

Veyor city

What people are saying about Veyor.

Mark Robinson

Site Manager, ADCO Constructions

“By using Veyor I can reduce the number of daily phone calls required, reduce the number of meetings, reduce disputes and clashes onsite and generally run the job more efficiently.”

Ben Twyford

Site Manager, Watpac

“The Veyor system has made a huge difference to the day to day management of deliveries to site. It enables all parties subcontractors, traffic control, principal contractor representatives, suppliers to all be on the one page for the day to day activities on the job site.”

Adam Jessup

Site Manager, Buildcorp

“We have managed to remove any chance of miscommunication between the site team and subbies and therefore reduced the number disputes which you come to expect on busy construction sites."