Have better control of your worksite with access control.

With automated Integration Access Management, Veyor reduces time required   to manage a gate… which means improved operational efficiency and less stress through access control.
Driver Tracking The way it is
With a constant flow of trucks, workers and deliveries daily, keeping track of who’s on-site and if they should be there is time-consuming. Especially if you’re relying on manual processes to do it. Let’s be honest, no one likes carrying a clipboard everywhere.

The way it could be...

Greater collaboration and customisation

Digitally wave goodbye to manual processes

Veyor digitises all your manual site access processes, so you don’t waste your time chasing, filing, or amending paperwork, or requiring someone at the gate to verify drivers. Everything you need can be found and customised on the one platform, and one device. Helping you increase efficiency and streamline access to your site. It’s all about working smarter…not harder.
Be updated in real time

Connect your network

Connect your entire supply chain on the one platform with the Veyor app. Your suppliers and subcontractors can access live booking schedules, putting everyone on the same page (literally) around booking availabilities. Suppliers can contribute to a smoother process by adding driver details to a booking for quicker access.
Have time on your side

Integration without aggravation.

Veyor can be easily integrated with your existing hardware, like boom gates, to automate access to your site and allow for greater control over access to specific entry points and work zones. If a driver’s details are added to a booking, the system will recognise their licence plate and BOOM…access granted! And the best part? We can get you up and running on the Veyor app in 1-3 business days.

Key features

Worker passport

Hardware integration

Keep greater control over access to specific entry points and work areas by integrating Veyor with your turnstiles and boom gates.
Integrated access control

QR codes

If your site or location has fewer entry points, or no boom gates or turnstiles, you can set up QR code check ins to ensure you know who is on site and when.
Qualification expiry notifications

Live workforce register

Receive notifications when a worker’s qualifications expire and remain compliant at all times.
Check-in and check-out reporting

Emergency protocols

Through the Veyor app, you can send out site wide alerts and notifications in an instant should a site-wide emergency evacuation be needed.
Digital upload of qualifications

SSO for enhanced security

Veyor’s single sign-on enhances security by allowing its users to use and remember just one set of credentials for authentication. Safe, secure, and easy!
Live induction register

Check-in and check-out reporting

The Veyor dashboard delivers powerful insights around who has checked-in to your site, how long they stayed, and busy periods for greater planning.

The proof is in the pudding

Sydney Metro Digitised Logistics Management

“When we engaged Veyor, we knew they would have a clear understanding of industry needs and the app proved us right,” said Mr Smith.


Dave Gahan

Structures Foreman, Lendlease

"Veyor is extremely user friendly. All subcontractors have taken to the app and praised it for its ease of use."

Ben Twyford

Site Manager, BESIX Watpac

"Veyor leads to huge time efficiencies for all involved, there is no unnecessary time spent on repetitive communication across multiple teams."

Marcus Clarence

Operations Manager, Westfield

“The ongoing support and training provided by Veyor during system migration has been second to none.”

Some questions we’re often asked

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Q: How does this benefit my suppliers?

Q: Will it be difficult to integrate with my existing hardware?

Q: Do you integrate with boom gates?

Q: Do you integrate with turnstiles?

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