Untangle with Veyor's dock scheduling software

There’s an easier way to manage and control the traffic in and out of your loading docks…and it starts with Veyor's dock scheduling software.
Loading Docks The way it is
Using manual processes for loading dock management is the equivalent of ‘the left hand not knowing what the right is doing’. The process relies on multiple people, with no one able to see what’s planned or available. Miscommunication and lack of transparency leads to bottlenecks and delays.
Throw coordinating with multiple stakeholders into the mix and it’s enough to make you want to call it a day.

Surely things can be done better, right?

The way it could be...

Greater collaboration and customisation

Everything is better when it’s streamlined

Get your ducks…or delivery trucks…in a row with the Veyor's dock scheduling software. Providing a centralised platform for all scheduling requirements, Veyor delivers complete transparency around schedules and bookings, eliminating clashes which cause traffic jams, and making sure you know what’s happening at all times. With Veyor, the whole supply chain is on the one easy to use platform - that's everyone from your facility management, tenants, suppliers, couriers, drivers and so on….
Be updated in real time

You shall, or shall not, pass

Through the Veyor app you can vet drivers by incorporating your induction process during the booking stage. Once a booking has been completed, you can grant authorised drivers and suppliers’ automatic access to your site…or deny it if induction hasn’t been completed.
Have time on your side

Greater insights through data

How much better would life be if you could smooth out peak times and minimise congestion and traffic jams? Through the collection of valuable activity data, Veyor helps you identify issues within your loading dock management process.

Key features

Arrival & departure times/entry & exit times

Record data in real-time for greater productivity analysis and reporting.

Manage bay capacity

Smooth out booking times, congestion, and traffic delays through greater coordination with drivers and suppliers.

Guide drivers to bay/areas

Incorporate the safest and most efficient routes to allocated bays within approved bookings.

ETAs / Tracking

With live tracking, dockmasters have complete transparency around driver ETAs, enabling greater management of timings.

Driver compliance & inductions

Incorporating driver inductions into the booking process ensures they’re aware of height and weight limits prior to arriving on site.

Automated boom gates / number plate approval system

Incorporate Veyor into your boom gate system to provide immediate site access to approved bookings through number plate recognition.

The proof is in the pudding

LT McGuinness
Wynyard Central

“When we engaged Veyor, we knew they would have a clear understanding of industry needs and the app proved us right,” said Mr Smith.


Nabil Farook

Operations Manager, GPT Group

"Excellent support from the team at Veyor. The implementation process was very smooth.Overall very satisfied with the solution and highly recommend it."

Michael Green

Operations Manager, Vicinity Shopping Centres

"The Veyor system has been a game changer for safely managing our loading dock. I would highly recommend Veyor to anyone looking for a dock management system."

Marcus Clarence

Operations Manager, Westfield

“The ongoing support and training provided by Veyor during system migration has been second to none.”

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