Subcontractor - ABS Facade

"With Veyor I save around 80% of my time planning and managing logistics. The process is more streamlined and site teams now have visibility of truck availability before requesting deliveries."

Matthew Britt, Logistics Manager

Truck Scheduling Case Study - ABS Facade

ABS is a leading Australian facade contractor.

Approx. current employees - 160

Approx. current projects - 20

Current number of trucks - 1 internal and 3 external (as needed)

Since adopting Veyor the logistics process at ABS has become more streamlined. Site teams can now view availability of trucks and request delivery times via the app, sending instant notifications to the logistics manager and relevant parties. The logistics coordinator can then easily approve/edit decline and instantly notify all parties.


1. Substantial daily time saving resulting in more time for higher value activities

  • Over 80% reduction in the time managing logistics (reduction of 2-3 hours a day)
  • Time saved by using Veyor increased client development/site support and increased quality checks in the warehouse rather than onsite, reducing defects and returns

2. Improved transparency and accountability ("one source of truth")

  • Improves tracking of materials to site
  • Streamlines the process as everything is in one place
  • Past requests are easily searchable
  • Provides security for site teams that their delivery will arrive on site
  • Drivers are able to view their live “Runsheet” 
  • Warehouse staff have a clear list of requirements

3. Enhanced Collaboration

  • Allows for collaborative scheduling and an easy process to teach/ handover if required (reduces “key person dependency”)

4. Driver can step in when required to adjust the schedule/bookings

  • Site teams actively try and choose a time that will work, "each individual is helping to manage the logistics".
  • Improves scalability of the company

5. Fewer errors

  • As the site teams input the material and times required for the delivery there are fewer errors in transferring, misunderstanding or forgetting information