Buildcorp - St Vincent's Private

With Veyor, we managed to remove miscommunication between the site team and subbies and therefore reduced the number disputes which you come to expect on busy construction sites. We were able to manage logistics more efficiently which lead to better forward planning.

Adam Jessup, Site Manager, Buildcorp

St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Sydney

  • A hospital expansion and refurbishment on an operational site
  • The construction of a new 13 level building
  • Multiple cranes, material hoists, loadings areas and an offsite warehouse
  • Over 7,000 deliveries and material movements managed with Veyor
  • Veyor used to coordinate logistics and materials handling between construction workforce, hospital operations and an offsite warehouse

The Buildcorp project team at the St Vincent’s Private Hospital project were introduced to Veyor and implemented the system more than half way through their project.  

The Veyor team recently caught up with the Buildcorp Site Manager, Adam Jessup, to gather some feedback post the platform implementation.  

Prior to using Veyor, Adam estimated that up to 30 phone calls a day were required to organise and schedule materials handling.  The site also required a 30 minute meeting around a whiteboard to establish the materials handling program for the following day. Information from the whiteboard meeting would be translated into Excel, printed and then distributed out to the site team and subbies.

Now when using Veyor, the site team and sub contractors requiring site assets to move materiel (loading areas, hoist, crane etc.) just use the Veyor app to look for open time slots and enter their booking requests.  The specific foreman or site manager approves or alters the booking and the workforce is notified.  The visibility and transparency reduces the time required for a crane meetings and reduces potential clashes and disputes.

Benefits Experienced:

  • 1 hour a day saved for Foreman, Site Managers, Traffic Controllers, Forklift Operators due to reduced phone calls and meetings
  • Crane meeting reduced by 66% from 30 mins to 10 mins on average
  • No more arguments with bookings becoming indisputable  
  • Added flexibility to the job as people can organise bookings while off site or outside of operating hours
  • Managers and foremen are now able to bulk shift, reorganise the schedule and notify the workforce when there is wet weather, reducing coordination time
  • Sharing of control over the hospitals operational loading dock with the hospital dock master has become a seamless process  
  • An increased efficiency has enabled the workforce to get more done in other crucial areas outside of logistics.