LT McGuinness - Wynyard Central

Veyor has provided substantial improvements to the way our loading zone, crane and Alimaks are scheduled and improved the way our subs and site team coordinate. There is now increased transparency for the workforce and this also places more accountability on both the subs and us as the builder, which improves overall productivity on the site.

Blake Honeyfield, Site Manager, LT McGuinness

Wynyard Central, Auckland

  • Three different building types sitting on a large basement
  • 5 storey pavilions, 3 storey townhouses, and a 10-storey apartment tower
  • A staged construction requiring an evolving logistics plan communicated to the workforce
  • Over 50 subcontractor and supplier companies coordinating materials handling and logistics with Veyor
  • Thousands of material movements managed with Veyor

The LT McGuinness project team at Wynyard Quarter in Auckland, New Zealand were introduced to the Veyor system well into the first tower of a multi-building construction.  

We caught up with the LT McGuinness site manager, Blake Honeyfield, to ask for some feedback on the key benefits that his team were experiencing from Veyor.  Below were Blake’s top three benefits:  

  1. Improved Materials Handling Efficiency: “Our site is very constrained, with just a single drive-through loading zone to coordinate deliveries for the alimak and forklift and a restricted loading bay for the crane.  There is a high degree of coordination required between the site team, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure efficiency at the gate and efficient use of the crane and alimak.  The Veyor tool has improved efficiency of materials handling by providing clear visibility of planned activity and asset availability as well as live notifications of approvals or changes without the need for countless phone calls.  Between the key foreman and me, we would have saved over two hours a day from reduced phone calls and time required to coordinate materials handling on the old site whiteboard.”        
  2. Increased Accountability Across the Board:  “The workforce now has live access to the day’s schedule from their phones, so we have increased the transparency of planned daily activity which has increased the accountability for both the subcontractors and the builders.  There are no more arguments about double bookings, or instances of trucks arriving unscheduled due to miscommunication.”      
  3. Fast Subcontractor Adoption:  “Given the system is easy to use and intuitive, subcontractors picked it up and started using it with little or no instruction required.  This enabled us to get a new and improved site scheduling process seamlessly implemented midway through a project.”