Veyor desktop

Basics Tips to Get Started

View the Logistics Plan:

1. Viewing site Map to confirm the logistics setup and verify any asset (loading zone, crane, hoist etc.) restrictions;

2. Check the "Mobile Delivery Board" to view a single asset's schedule;

3. Check the "Desktop Delivery Board" to view the whole site's logistics schedule.

Make a Booking & CC Your Colleague:

It's easy to open the Veyor app, see what times are available for the various site assets (Loading Area, Crane etc.) and make a booking.  

You can also add your colleague to the booking so they get notified when the booking is made, approved, declined or edited.

Save Templates & Make Bookings Fast:

When you make the same type of booking repeatedly, you can save it as a template.  That way you don't have to keep inputting the same details every time you need to make a booking.  
When you are ready to apply this template to your next booking, just go to "My Bookings" select it from your list, apply your new date/time and any new detail and submit.  Then you can get back to work.