February 23, 2024

The Benefits Of A Crane Scheduling Software

Cranes are the most expensive asset on a construction site but they are also one of the most necessary ones. Without them, transporting heavy materials on-site would be a painstakingly complicated task, yet, bad management of the crane can be as, if not more, worrisome because without proper scheduling, the crane can become a money vacuum. A good digital crane booking system will help you get everything back on track, avoid delays and save you money. Here are the benefits of using a Crane Scheduling Software:

Improve utilisation 

We understand that the crane is not only one of the most important assets on-site but also one of the most used. And since it is needed for workers to do their job, crane hogging becomes a big problem. Unfair distribution of crane usage is a challenge many sites deal with that leads to worker unrest. 

A Crane Booking System solves that problem by neatly allowing workers to book crane times, and increases the visibility of site managers when it comes to companies hogging the asset. Just drag and drop the bookings to reorganise the schedule as you see fit and notify everyone automatically about the changes. 

Increase Planning Efficiency

Construction sites are barely contained chaos waiting to explode, and site managers need to make sure everything runs smoothly day after day. But the systems in place are not the most efficient ones. Having hour-long  meetings daily and using an erasable whiteboard to coordinate multiple subcontractors fighting for highly sought-after crane time, would drive anyone crazy.

By going digital and using a Crane Delivery Management system there is no need to stress and site managers can relax and breathe easier. Workers book times to use the crane as they need, gathering all the information necessary for site managers to plan efficiently to take advantage of the time the asset is available and the crane crew is working.

Use Data To Save Costs & Time

In a world where data is worth more than gold, you are wasting a valuable resource if you don’t have a proper Construction Logistics Software that gathers and streamlines all the information for you. With all data available to you, including crane usage, overtime and asset time distribution, you can manage your cranes in a more efficient way, cutting down on overuse and inefficient schedules. Which also means you can prove the crane still needs to be used, especially to those project managers who might want to take the asset down too early, costing them more money in the long run.

Reduce Overtime 

Cranes are one of the most expensive assets on-site. This is because cranes need to be handled by specialists, and these crane crews do not come cheap. Especially when they have to work overtime. All of those extra hours do pile up, delaying the project and pushing past the budget. 

That is exactly why you should use a Digital Whiteboard. Keep track of all those overtime hours, create more efficient schedules and reduce the misuse of your cranes to drastically reduce the hours the asset needs to be used. Of course, this reduces costs and time delays. 

Increase Visibility 

The bigger your site, the more complex your logistics. It goes without saying but logistics on-site become increasingly difficult when there is more than one crane. As expected, all your normal crane problems double but on top of that, crane crews and workers need to be conscious of clashes between the two cranes. With a lack of visibility, crews find themselves having to wait for one crane to finish moving materials to use the other crane which is a waste of time and money. 

High visibility is one of the top benefits of a Crane Management System. By allowing workers to book in a time to use the asset, site managers can see how the cranes will be moving and change them accordingly to make the process smoother. Drag and drop bookings to different time slots and notify everyone instantly as the changes are made to keep your productivity high, reduce costs and save time. 

Clean Project Wrap Up

In the last stages of a project as the crane stands multiple floors above the ground, wrapping up and bringing the crane off the ceiling becomes a very complex task. But as complex as it is, it shouldn’t require the stars to align and the moon to be full for your team to safely dismantle the asset. Things like exclusion zone vacation and perfect coordination are a must before a crane can be dismantled and brought down but because of the risk and planning of logistics that are needed, the risk of something going wrong is very high. 

Veyor’s Crane Scheduling Software helps you mitigate all these risks. Now you can keep exclusion zones clear by greying out long periods of time, stopping anyone from booking any sort of work while the crane is being dismantled. And coordinate whole teams in just a few clicks. 


Paper-based systems should be a thing of the past. A digital system like Veyor helps you mitigate all risks associated with miscommunication, congestion and access control.  Our user friendly systems connect everyone on-site in a live collaborative scheduling platform, simplifying your logistics and reducing delays to help you stay on track. Still unsure? Contact us today to book a free demo with our friendly team and see exactly how we can help you reduce 49.5% of truck wait time!

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