May 17, 2024

7 Reasons To Start Using A Construction Logistics Management Software

Construction sites are disasters waiting to happen; some say it’s “barely organised chaos” while they have a little chuckle. Unscheduled deliveries coming in, accidents, unwanted visits and congestion are a big part of the everyday chaos site managers have to deal with on-site, but miscommunication and disorganisation are two of the biggest challenges when it comes to running an efficient site. Site management runs on the back of site managers that deal with putting out one fire after the other, all while trying to keep things running smoothly.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In recent years, the construction industry has seen incredible technological advancements, including handy Construction Management Software to increase efficiency. Born from the need to remotely manage multiple projects at once, these systems help you reduce stress and streamline Construction Logistics, plus so much more. Here are 7 reasons why you should ditch your whiteboard and go digital:

1 Save Time

A Construction Scheduling Software takes care of your deliveries and organises them into an easy to use calendar. Allow suppliers to book a time to deliver materials, grey out time periods when the site is closed or at lunch and receive Live ETA’s to avoid wasting time waiting for deliveries that are delayed or not coming. 

As an admin of the site, manage and approve bookings or change them easily by dragging and dropping them into a better time. Also, in case of weather warnings or unexpected circumstances, bulk shift a whole day of bookings into the next suitable day and notify everyone automatically. No stress, no mess.

2 Reduce Miscommunication

Miscommunication is a big challenge for sites who deal with multiple subcontractors that need to be kept in the loop constantly. Unexpected changes, bad weather or delays have to be communicated efficiently by the site manager but more often than not, these situations result in hundreds of missed calls, unread messages and emails that are impossible to manage. 

Avoid errors and stress around changes with a digital whiteboard and synchronous Real Time Notifications. By managing all bookings and schedules digitally, you can notify everyone immediately after a change has been made. No need for calls or messages or emails, just a couple clicks.

3 Increase Visibility

Construction sites are dangerous places surrounded by hazards and dangerous materials. But exclusion zones are hands down the most dangerous parts of a site which is why they are separated, labelled and protected to avoid any accidents. Yet, keeping people out of clearly closed and announced dangerous zones is still a challenge.

Something like Veyor, a Construction Logistics Management System, increases visibility of your site. With its booking tools, you can schedule and regulate, not only exclusion zones to keep everyone safe, but also other work areas to help your site keep running smoothly even when there are multiple parties working at the same time. 

4 Remote Access

The Covid lockdowns changed the way we live and work. With the new WFH (Work From Home) model becoming more and more prominent, going digital is the best way to gain remote access to manage your site from anywhere, anytime. Ditch the hours long early morning meetings and avoid conflicts between subbies by approving, editing and managing all your deliveries from your device. Work on the go, from home or the beach. 

5 Data Reports To Help You Improve 

In this day and age where huge samples of information are available for analysis, it is no wonder data is worth the most. Data analysis isn’t just for the tech savvy anymore, it is a necessity for businesses to survive. 

A Digital Whiteboard allows you to gather and streamline all your data to improve the efficiency and productivity of your site. With just a couple clicks know how much overtime you are paying from poor crane usage, who is hogging the assets and where most of your CO2 emissions are coming from. All streamlined into a visual dashboard and downloadable reports. 

6 Go Green Before It’s Too Late

As Net Zero slowly becomes the norm, businesses are forced to change their models to go green and comply with government suggestions for CO2 Emissions Reduction but the time where those suggestions become laws isn’t too far in the future. Australia borrows multiple aspects of politics and laws from the UK and the US, so much so that the Australian Parliament is referred to as ‘Wash-Minster’, a play of words between Washington and Westminster. In early 2022, more than 30 businesses were fined a total of £27 million for not complying with British Greenhouse Gases Emission Reduction policies. 

Digital CO2 Emissions Tracking is the best way to get ahead of the game before it’s too late because there is no reduction without knowledge. Start tracking and know how much your subcontractors are emitting. Gather data and enjoy the benefits while they last. 

7 Stay Compliant 

Chain of Responsibility is complex and hard to manage without a proper system in place. The changes made to the legislation in 2018 make your business liable for the failure of compliance by your drivers. Anything from illegal routes to driving outside of a specific time window and being fatigued might seem like the driver’s fault but will cost you thousands of dollars in fines. 

Protect yourself and save money by using a truck tracking system. Share council approved routes automatically after a booking has been made, and track all deliveries through the Driver Tracking App. And in case of a breach happening, leverage the data with easy to export Chain of Responsibility Reports that contain all information needed to appeal the fine.  

Veyor Over Everyone Else

The change can be scary, especially if things have been working just fine for years, but just fine could be great and the transition doesn’t have to be a pain. Built with customers in mind and perfected by their feedback, Veyor is a system created by construction for construction, and it shows. With its simple design and easy to use app, Veyor is loved by subbies, contractors and managers alike.

Veyor has an extremely high adoption rate and a great customer success team that is there to help you and your team have a smooth transition. And when something is not working for you? They are there to take care of your feedback. We listen to everything our customers have to say, and we make sure to fix, change and update our system in the best way to help you have a better experience.


Site management is not an easy job. It comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges that are easy to drive anyone crazy. A construction management software helps you keep your site organised and you in control. Take back your site and your time. Book a demo today and see how Veyor helps you increase your site’s efficiency, safety and productivity with just a few clicks.