May 24, 2024

Simplifying COVID-19 Driver Compliance

As the construction industry gets back to work post lockdowns and with new restrictions, we’re helping you to keep your site moving safely by ensuring drivers upload records of their COVID-19 Vaccine Passports (if required), and complete COVID-19 checks via our Veyor app - before arriving on site. 

Meaning you can rest assured that you and your team are keeping Covid safe and compliant.

Constant On Site Holdup’s? See Ya Later

The Veyor app allows site teams and the workforce to easily schedule deliveries and materials handling requirements, assign drivers to bookings and track live progress throughout the day. Because, as we all know even before Covid 19 compliance checks became the new normal, continual hold ups at the gate and the inevitable daily clashes and cancelations can lead to significant delays and overtime. 

To keep processes moving swiftly and efficiently we’ve also made it possible for subcontractors and suppliers to automatically send Driver Inductions to drivers in advance, so they can complete inductions and upload any necessary Vaccine Passport’s or COVID safety checklists off-site from our Veyor mobile app. Giving you peace of mind, while saving you time and money. 

You’ll be able to easily see which scheduled deliveries have inducted drivers by looking at the live daily schedule, and you can also access a register of compliant drivers with a record of each time they’ve delivered to site. And when it comes to auditing, the record will be easily accessible by any of your company admin users. 

Oh and did we mention the entire Veyor system is also completely contactless? This reduces any risk of exposure to an affected person.


So How Does It Work?

We’ve kept it super simple, so you can easily streamline your processes and take some serious stress off your plate. 

1. First step is to make a delivery booking in the Veyor app (this could be a subcontractor booking a material delivery or your site engineer booking in the concrete pours for example)

2. Your nominated person or people on the site team are notified of the booking and can approve, edit or decline the booking which then notifies all parties

3. Drivers can then be easily allocated to the booking by subcontractors or suppliers on the morning or day before the job

4. The driver then completes a Driver Induction, uploads a copy of his/her driver's license and/or vaccine passport/COVID declaration - an induction only needs to be done once (yes, it's a big time saver for drivers as well!)

5. The driver then completes a pre-start each time they are allocated to a trip to the site, verifying that they have completed all safety checks and don't have any COVID symptoms

6. Traffic controllers (or anyone with the Veyor app) can see the status of which drivers on the delivery board have completed their pre-starts and which ones haven't. They can then call the relevant contact to ensure they complete the induction and prestart before arriving on site.

Veyor gives you all of this from your pocket. Can I hear a hallelujah? 

Reach out to a Veyor team member today to find out more and let us help you make work happen.