November 1, 2019

May 24, 2024

Presenting New Ways of Thinking at New Zealand’s Digital Innovation in Construction Event

Veyor was invited to present at New Zealand’s Digital Innovation in Construction Conference in Auckland last week.  The talk centred around how to implement digital platforms to manage daily construction site activity and boost construction productivity, and how to create actionable insights from the captured data.

Like in Australia, there is a lot of interest from all sides of the New Zealand construction industry - design engineers are looking to harness greater data capture to improve construction planning, site managers and field teams are looking to improve transparency across the workforce to minimise disputes and delays and increase efficiency, and senior execs are trying to gather powerful insights from project data analysis for improved construction productivity, greater certainty of program and reduced risk.

Veyor’s digital whiteboard for planning and operating construction site asset movements, delivery scheduling, materials handling and coordinating the complex supply chain was seen as big step in the digitisation of field operations.  The real-time “as built” data that is collected from the Veyor platform is enabling unique insights into how a construction site can be planned to maximise efficiency and reduce waste.