August 21, 2020

May 17, 2024

Site managers are breaking up with their whiteboards

That old chestnut

Ah, scheduling on a building site. When it runs like clockwork, there’s nothing sweeter. But more often, it goes belly up. Deliveries arrive last minute—or late—and workers stand around having a smoke whilst they wait for materials.

Best case planning scenario: you get your subbies together, gather round the whiteboard and argue for an hour over crane and delivery priorities. Everything looks good, you shake hands (or bump elbows these days) and move on. Your schedule is set… right? 

Until it rains, the crane breaks down, or the delivery driver is delayed on a previous job (or a Maccas detour). 

Then it’s back to the whiteboard or notepad (or whatever crumpled up piece of paper you can find), and a full-on phone call circus to reschedule the incoming deliveries. You wave bye to your lunchbreak as you start to individually call every guy down the supply chain to let them know about the change of plan. 

Change is inevitable, especially on the building site. Traffic holding up delivery trucks. High winds stopping the crane. A breakdown in the supplier assembly line. And if changes aren’t dealt with ASAP, traffic control and crane crews are standing around doing nothing, having to do overtime. Paid out of your pocket.

For a long time the whiteboard was the best tool out there for planning and coordination. But once you leave the shed, you can’t see what’s on the board. You can’t keep it up to date. And you have no idea who’s writing on it when you’re not there. 

Enter Veyor

Veyor puts the whiteboard in your back pocket, lets you shuffle changes on the fly and notifies everyone immediately, without you having to make a single phone call. 

With the Veyor app, your phone becomes a digital crane board. That means you and your subbies can have a remote, live crane meeting (without the yelling) and an up-to-date schedule around the clock, that’s controlled by the right person.

Subbies can request assets on-site, so they’re not charging you for time spent on meetings and phone calls with suppliers. They can plan further ahead. And with one shared, undisputed source of information — everyone is more accountable and can coordinate better. 

Running the numbers 

By keeping your building site running smoothly, Veyor gives you some serious savings:

● 50% reduction in wait times

● 55% less clashes and forced cancellations 

● Over 30 minutes worth of phone calls saved per day for site managers and foreman

These add up to 1 day/month, or two weeks/annum. That’s thousands of dollars you’d otherwise be paying people for standing around doing nothing, or yarning on the phone.

On-site scenarios

Veyor saves you time and money:
When it rains

Amend and update your existing schedule, wherever you are, as soon as the weather turns. Reschedule bookings in minutes and maximise the rest of the work week so you’re not paying out unnecessary overtime. Suppliers will  get notified and won’t turn up to site while everyone’s at the pub. 

When your driver says he’s ‘right around the corner’

Simple driver tracking gives you an instant, realtime view of where incoming trucks are. With an overview of your moving parts, you can proactively direct them, rather than trying to play truck tetris on the spot, with everyone either standing around twiddling their thumbs, or running around like headless chooks. 

When disputes arise

Veyor tracks crane, hoist and forklift use, so you’ll have solid evidence when and if anyone tries to claim ‘insufficient timing’. You’ll also be able to record late and unscheduled deliveries, check backcharging of costs and compare long-term performance from different operators. 

Your building site will run like a charm, and (added bonus) make you look damn good. Win-win.

Sound like an upgrade you want to make? Give us a call or email and we can show you around the app.