When you’ve got stuff to do, Veyor will make sure you get it done. No fuss. No mucking around. Here’s how we can help.

Truck allocation board

Let your workforce view the availability of trucks on a live schedule

Allow your site teams to make informed requests

Empower your coordinator with the ability to approve, edit and shuffle the plan while notifying all parties

Maintain one source of truth and remove all miscommunication

Driver Tracking

Provide real time visibility of your trucks to your sites and coordinators

Improve efficiency by reducing idle waiting time for your site team when waiting for trucks

Improve communication by providing drivers with access to site entry information and site contact details

Integrate safety procedures for Chain of Responsibility / FORS requirements

Understand and prove waiting times that have been caused by external parties

Veyor provides greater control and saves you time and money.

100% feel more in control of their logistics.

80% reduction in time required to manage logistics.

95%reduction in delays and errors due to miscommunication.

Improved planning and coordination leads to greater work capacity and business growth.

Dashboards and Data

Understand the utilisation of your trucks

Easily record your delivery history with attached dockets

Record accurate data on waiting times at each site

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