Chain of Responsibility Management
Made Easy

With the recent legislation changes,  you are now part of the supply chain and responsible for the safe loading and transportation of your supplier’s heavy vehicles.

Thankfully, Veyor is here to help.

Veyor Construction Worker In front Truck

With Veyor you can:

Easily onboard your supply chain

Quickly onboard the supply chain by  issuing links allowing them to create  profiles and join your customised site

Update your site or destination requirements at any  time while instantly communicating  this to your supply chain

Construction Logistics and Deliveries Coordination on Veyor Digital Board

Schedule your deliveries and truck movements

Set up a customisable live delivery board for each project, to allow you to schedule expected deliveries with your suppliers

Improve coordination by allowing subcontractors to view and request delivery time slots

Enable suppliers and subcontractors to assign  their drivers who must add  heavy vehicle COR information  to the booking

Provide one source of truth, removing miscommunication

Track your trucks

Integrate your pre-start checklists for drivers to complete their COR verification when assigned to a delivery booking

Track trucks using the driver’s app, to show the receiving party live location and ETA

Reduce idle waiting time for your site team that are waiting for trucks

Give external drivers access to site entry information and site contact details

Digital Induction and Delivery Tracking Management on Veyor Product
Veyor System with Construction Project Data from Deliveries and Asset Usage

Record everything

Understand utilisation data on your trucks

Capture delivery history with attached dockets

Record waiting times at each site

Collect all COR verification data in a consolidated, easily retrievable format

The only easy to use COR tool in the market.

Veyor helps you to remain safe and compliant.