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Veyor is a scheduling tool that seamlessly connects supply chains, enabling teams to collaboratively plan and coordinate the daily delivery of goods. Veyor aims to lead innovation for facility owners, ensuring best practices for inbound and outbound logistics management. 

The best way to think about Veyor is a shared calendar for deliveries to a site, adapted to suit the unique constraints, conditions or rules that it might have.

Veyor is the central point for all scheduling and coordination between owners, tenants, suppliers, couriers, and contractors.


To register for access to the Chadstone Shopping Centre please use the following registration link.
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Once you register, the site's management team will approve your access and you'll be notified when you can log into the platform.

Training Guides

The Veyor system has been designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, however, the following how-to videos will make sure you get the most out of the system:

Registering and downloading the app

Logging in and navigating Veyor

Making a delivery booking

View your company's bookings

Creating and using templates

Adding drivers and vehicles to bookings

Drivers downloading the app

Driver arrival (to site)

Inviting other users to the system

Training sessions are hosted daily.

If you need more help, join our next live training sessions online.

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Support is always only a call away.

For any questions or ongoing support, the Veyor team is always available.


+61 2 8073 7665

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