Basics Tips to Get Started

View the Site Map and Site Schedule

Understand the site logistics plan anytime by:

  • Viewing site Map to confirm the logistics setup and verify any asset (loading zone, crane, hoist etc.) restrictions;
  • Check the "Mobile Delivery Board" to view a single asset's schedule;
  • Check the "Desktop Delivery Board" to view the whole site's logistics schedule.

Easily Make a Booking and CC Your Supplier

It's easy to open the Veyor app, and make a booking across multiple site assets, like the loading zone and the crane for anytime in the future.    

You can also add your supplier’s details to the booking so they get notified when the booking is made, approved, declined or edited.

Save Common Bookings as a Template, to Make Bookings Even Faster

When you make the same type of booking repeatedly, you can save it as a template.  That way you don't have to keep inputting the same details every time you need to make a booking.  

When you are ready to apply this template to your next booking, just go to "My Bookings" select it from your list, apply your new date/time and any new detail and submit.  Then you can get back to work.