Basics Tips to Get Started

Viewing Your Daily Runsheets

As a plant operator or traffic controller, you have a customised view so that you can just see the information that is relevant to you.

First select the asset that you are looking after - i.e. a specific loading zone for a traffic controller, or a crane or forklift for a plant operator.  Then you will see a run sheet of planned bookings for the day for that asset only.  

Now you can easily mark bookings off as they arrive and complete.  

Keeping Track of Unscheduled Bookings

If trucks turn up and they are not on the schedule, then you can easily note down the details of the booking, like the company, description of the booking and time it arrived.  

That way the booking appears on the schedule for all to see and you will always have a record of the number and type of bookings that were sent unscheduled, and which companies are the repeat offenders.  

This information can be handy to know for the contractor, as unplanned activity can cause disruption, delays, clashes and losses and should be prevented.

View and Attach Photos or Documents on a Booking

Attachments are an easy way to add important information to bookings.  

For example, as deliveries arrive, the drivers may hand over dockets.  Just take a photo of the dockett and attach it to the booking.  It will be automatically saved to that booking and easily retrieved at any time.

If a truck arrives in an unsafe state and needs to be turned away - you can just take a photo of it and attach it to the booking, then you have recorded proof of the incident saved against the corresponding booking.