April 2, 2020

May 24, 2024

Veyor Responds to COVID-19 with Enhanced Work Area Scheduling Tool

Since the global outbreak of COVID-19, construction site teams have begun adopting new methods to keep sites safe, operational and productive.  We’re seeing fast implementation of processes such as staggered start/finish times, extended work hours with decreased workforce density, increased hygiene measures and a reduction to workforce interaction in common areas and meetings.  All of these measures require increased planning and remote coordination with the workforce, which is now achievable using Veyor’s newly released Work Area Scheduling Tool.

The latest release of Veyor’s Work Area Scheduling Tool incorporates COVID-19 measures to ensure construction sites are safe and compliant.  Such as, social distancing controls for specific work and common areas and safety protocol checklists, which are agreed to before work is commenced.

Veyor’s Work Area Scheduling Tool assists site teams to easily plan, collaborate and maintain real-time visibility of daily activities on the fly.  Through an online platform or mobile app, construction site teams, including the extensive subcontractor workforce, are able to login and view planned site activity, make booking requests and receive approvals and instructions from site management in real-time.  

Not only does the Veyor tool improve transparency across the workforce, it reduces the need for onsite contact improving site safety and productivity, which has never been more important.  At Veyor, we’re driven by our desire to create tools that construction teams love to use and we remain committed to providing innovative solutions for our clients during these times.