September 24, 2021

May 24, 2024

Get Your Team Moving Faster

We all know keeping track of your workforce can be a time consuming manual process, especially on complex projects with hundreds of workers.                                                                                                                                        

Firstly, worker inductions can be an endless process of documentation handling - have you ever seen a site manager having to source a doc in a filing cabinet that’s in a shambles? 

Secondly, there’s a distant lack of transparency when it comes to the expiration dates of certifications and qualifications - with manual handling you can lose track of the status of your workforce fast.

Thirdly, keeping track of who’s checked in/ checked out on site each day - well, this is impossible without an easy to use mobile app that can tell you who’s on site and when, and what days and hours they’ve visited historically.

At Veyor we heard your collective deep sighs. That's why we’ve created our new Worker Induction and On-site Check in/Check-out features for all your daily site management needs. 

Let Us Give You a Helping Hand. Or Ten.

Our new On-site Inductions and On-site Check in/Check-out features were created to streamline your processes, power site efficiency, eliminate unnecessary paperwork - and save you time and money.                                                         

Here’s some of its key features: 

Online Worker Inductions
  • Customised online inductions to suit your site requirements
  • Personal details and qualifications of workers tracked and recorded
  • Sign off feature on project documentation 
  • Global profiles which can easily transfer details to other sites
  • The ability to assign induction numbers 
  • One system for turnstile and non-turnstile projects
Check-in / Check-out Tools
  • QR code sign in system
  • The ability to automatically remove date/time recordings from database

By reducing the time required to complete induction forms and induct workers on site - as well as reducing the number of applications needed - you can expect a 50% reduction in administration required on site. 

Our new feature also notifies workers and contractors of expiry on their inductions, certifications and qualifications which prompts them to update documentation before it expires - saving you from drama.  

So What Are the Benefits?

Contractors using our On-site Inductions feature have reported significant time savings on-site. Inductions have been completed beforehand and site managers have been able to wave goodbye to scanning endless records. Records have been able to be retrieved from mobiles rather than filing cabinets and contractors have been able to mitigate legal risks through having visibility on all expired qualifications.

Users of our Check-in/Check-out feature have been given a live view of who was on site and when. Users could easily verify contractor hours and check the status of projects from anywhere, any time. They were also able to improve on site safety for their workers and secure visibility. 

For Industrial Relations managers they were able to keep unions on side by not recording hours, but knowing who was on site.

Is it Hard to Implement?

When it comes to implementation we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Veyor will obtain your site induction templates and project specific details and within 1 week will create a project specific site and induction flow tailored just for you. No worries. 

We’ll then provide an initial Training Session 01 with your key Builder Team in charge of delivering inductions and managing logistics so that there is no question left unanswered. 

This will be closely followed by a Training Session 02 with your nominated Key Logistics personnel to run through the logistics system with subbies and the site team.

We reckon you’ll give our new On-site Inductions and On-site Check in/Check-out features a big thumbs up, alongside some key industry leaders such as; Lendlease, Shape and Ockham. 

Reach out and contact us today to talk options with a member of the Veyor team.