Integrating the Supply Chain

How to add a supplier to your Admin Portal

The General Contractor who is running the project will issue a link to all subcontractors to fill out the profile information of users who require access to the system.

Subcontractors can pass this on to suppliers so they can also be granted access.

How to assign a supplier to a booking

Subcontractors can make delivery requests for the General Contractor’s review and approval and include their suppliers on the booking. That way, the supplier and subcontractor are notified of any approvals, edits or cancellations in real time.

This also allows the suppliers to view site specific information on what routes to follow and who the site contacts are, as well as allowing them to assign drivers to the delivery bookings and enabling the pre-start information to be completed.

How suppliers login and assign drivers

As a Supplier, you can log into the Veyor portal to see what deliveries have been scheduled in, and to view any site specific information.

You are also able to assign a driver to the delivery booking, who can then obtain the routing information and site contact details, as well as complete any driver pre-start inductions required by the receiving site.

How drivers login and complete their pre-start

Drivers will receive an SMS with a link of how to download the app once they have been assigned by the Supplier.

The driver can then obtain site routing and site contact information and complete the site pre-start checklist.

How to register a heavy vehicle

Some sites will require incoming vehicles to meet a certain requirements. By clicking on the “Manage Vehicles” section in the menu, you will be able to check the vehicle requirements for the project, and upload supporting information for any vehicles you are have.

If your site does not have the “Manage Vehicles” section, then this is not a mandatory requirement for the project