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Loading docks and shared assets can be a free for all. With no central schedule and source of truth - clashes, congestion, disputes and overtime are inevitable.

Providing a live view of dock availability to all incoming parties and the ability for real-time collaboration is the only way to maximise the efficiency of your facility.

A live booking platform that reflects your facility

Establish bookable assets such as loading docks, goods lifts, meeting rooms, common areas etc.

Easily connect your supply chain and all incoming parties

Define rules and information requirements for your bookings

Allocate approval rights to facility management

Connect and coordinate with all incoming parties

Allow suppliers, logistics contractors, drivers and tenants to easily coordinate and book ahead of time.

Provide visibility on dock availability and an easy way to schedule

Improve communication by providing drivers with access to site entry information and site contact details

Reduce miscommunication and clashes and ensure accountability

Track Live Progress

Monitor the live ETA of expected deliveries

Adjust the schedule when traffic or dock disruption occurs, and maintain efficiency

Driver Inductions and Tracking

Collate Utilisation Data

Automatically store searchable records on all past bookings

Understand utilisation of assets as well as bottlenecks and capacity constraints

Know your highest users and identify those that are late, unscheduled or overtime

Easily charge for asset usage across incoming parties

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