Powering Logistics

View what's been scheduled across the site

When you want to understand what has been booked across the different site assets for the next day, week or beyond, just use Desktop Delivery Board - you can view the board easily from your mobile or desktop.  

The board will show you all current bookings for all assets (loading areas, cranes, hoists etc.), and you can switch between different asset views across day, 3 day or week views.

View the live location of a truck being tracked

When a subcontractor, supplier or someone from the builder’s site team has elected to track their incoming truck, this will provide you with a live ETA of that truck, so you know exactly when it is expected at the gate.

By using the “Show Location” button and the Truck Map you will be able to see the precise location of the specific truck for the booking you’ve selected, or all incoming trucks on the Truck map.

Add detail to, or a amend a booking on the day

When you need to open a booking that happened earlier that day to input additional information, then just find it, open it, and add information like arrived/depart times or attachments.

Sometimes you don’t have time to add all the information when you are looking after a delivery or lift, so you can go back and add the information when you’re ready.