Unscramble the chaos with Veyor.

How do you turn chaos into magic? Add Veyor to the mix.  Veyor turns ‘organized chaos’ into ‘organized’…after all, who needs chaos in their life?
Unscramble the chaos with Veyor.
Events are a chaotic hive of activity. Waves of trucks, couriers, exhibitors, organizers, and crews rolling in and out of a single location. Trying to manage such a diverse and complex supply chain isn’t easy. But it could be…

How we tackle it

Keep materials flowing

Everything works better when you work together

Veyor brings your entire supply chain together, connecting all parties in real time through collaborative scheduling. With access to live collaborative schedules, you’ll enable management and their suppliers to coordinate deliveries and logistics, smoothing out those peak times to avoid congestion and traffic jams. Did we mention you can also approve, decline, or reshuffle on the fly with our easy booking and approval system? With everyone on the same page, there’s less confusion and greater collaboration. Pretty sweet, right?

Better foresight than a fortune teller

What if you could predict the future and know when your deliveries and trucks will arrive? With Veyor’s Driver Tracking feature, you can. With the ability to track the live location and ETA of your incoming trucks and deliveries, you can easily automate driver compliance procedures such as Driver Inductions, ensuring drivers are aware of constraints before arriving. By customizing your booking processes, drivers can share their vehicle’s location, and you can see if they’re going to be on time, or late. This will let you adjust your schedule, minimizing delays and disruption… and you won’t need a crystal ball, just your phone.
Get your workforce moving with Veyor
Streamline your work area

No gate crashers

Timings are crucial to an event. The slightest disruption to your schedule can have a bigger impact elsewhere, which is why simplifying access control with Veyor is essential to your workplace. Veyor can be integrated with your boom gate or turnstile systems, meaning you can automate entry for those with approved bookings, or deny those trying to sneak in under the radar, helping you to maintain order at all times… and who doesn't love that!

Sydney Metro - Digitised Logistics Management

"The software is extremely user friendly. I would highly recommend this product and look forward to using it on future projects."


Dave Gahan

Structures Foreman, Lendlease

"Veyor is extremely user friendly. All subcontractors have taken to the app and praised it for its ease of use."

Ben Twyford

Site Manager, BESIX Watpac

"Veyor leads to huge time efficiencies for all involved, there is no unnecessary time spent on repetitive communication across multiple teams."

Marcus Clarence

Operations Manager, Westfield

“The ongoing support and training provided by Veyor during system migration has been second to none.”