Hard hats... Not hard copies.

Construction sites can be chaotic at the best of times. Veyor helps you get things back under control and on track without incident. Ditch the whiteboard and discover the difference Veyor will make to your worksite today.
Loading Dock Management with Veyor
Although the construction industry is highly dynamic and ever-changing, one thing that seems to have stuck around longer than it should is a reliance on static manual systems. Things like whiteboards, spreadsheets, phone calls, and messaging apps being used to manage and monitor a highly dispersed workforce and fragmented supply chain.

We agree…things need to change.

How we tackle it

Get your workforce moving with Veyor

Simplify the management of your on site workforce - with Veyor you can easily manage workforce inductions, qualification checks, access control, evacuation processes and more.  The Veyor app enables your team and supply chain to limit time consuming paperwork.  Your team can quickly complete online inductions, upload required documents, and check in and out of sites easily using their phones with or without turnstiles.  You’ll have visibility of who’s on site and where they are, and know what’s happening at all times with Veyor’s access control system.
Get your workforce moving with Veyor
Keep materials flowing

Keep materials flowing

Veyor connects your site teams, subcontractors, and suppliers in real time to allow the seamless scheduling of daily site activity.  With a simple, easy to use app all parties can seamlessly coordinate deliveries and materials handling, while leaving you in complete control.

Your on-site wingman for safety and compliance

The Veyor app is more than just an organisational tool, it’s your on-site wingman. Everything you need to manage your worksite more efficiently is literally at your fingertips. With the Veyor app, you can not only manage worker inductions but also ensure drivers know routes and safety procedures before they arrive on site, automating driver compliance procedures such as Chain of Responsibility.  You can seamlessly integrate driver induction processes to your delivery booking process. C’mon, isn’t it time you made life easier for yourself?
Your on-site wingman for safety and compliance

Melbourne Connect

The logistical aspect of the job was very complex given the size of the site. With 6 loading areas, 3 cranes and non-stop deliveries all day every day, the traditional method of a delivery board would have been a nightmare on this job.


Dave Gahan

Structures Foreman, Lendlease

"Veyor is extremely user friendly. All subcontractors have taken to the app and praised it for its ease of use."

Ben Twyford

Site Manager, BESIX Watpac

"Veyor leads to huge time efficiencies for all involved, there is no unnecessary time spent on repetitive communication across multiple teams."

Marcus Clarence

Operations Manager, Westfield

“The ongoing support and training provided by Veyor during system migration has been second to none.”