Make distribution smoother with Veyor

How do you make a bumpy situation smooth? With Veyor.  Manage the masses of often late trucks arriving at your loading dock daily into a smooth, easy, organized distribution process.  
Unscramble the chaos with Veyor.
Distribution Centres and Warehouses have masses of trucks arriving daily from multiple different suppliers of logistics companies, with late trucks and deliveries often causing clashes, making for a chaotic work site. But we’ll let you in on a little secret… it doesn’t have to be this way.

How we tackle it

Keep materials flowing

Better connect your supply chain in real time

With trucks from multiple different supply chains arriving throughout the day, clashes happen regularly. But what if we told you that you could connect your entire supply chain on the one platform with the Veyor app? Veyor’s easy to use collaborative platform can connect your entire supply chain in real-time. From scheduling deliveries throughout the day to smooth out chaotic peak times, to reducing congestion and traffic jams, to improving coordination. The app also allows you to make changes on the fly, and approve and decline deliveries all from your phone. Connecting your supply chain for smoother operations has never been quicker or easier!

Get greater visibility with ETAs and Tracking

Who doesn’t want to have eyes on everything all at once? With Veyor, you can. Get visibility of all trucks arriving on site with exact ETAs and tracking and monitor arrival and departure times so you don’t waste any more time scratching your head wondering when drivers will arrive. With the Veyor app, you’re able to guide access to loading zones, bays, and specific gates, avoiding messy clashes and helping you manage timelines and deadlines more smoothly. You’ll be the hero your supply chain needs and deserves.
Get your workforce moving with Veyor
Streamline your work area

Better access management at your fingertips.

With the Veyor app, you can grant authorized drivers automatic access to loading docks once a booking has been completed, which means improved operational efficiency, less time required to manage access, and less stress through access control. Veyor digitizes all your manual site access processes, so you don’t waste your time chasing, filing, or amending paperwork, or requiring someone at the gate to verify drivers. Everything you need can be found and customized on the one platform, and one device… and who wouldn’t want that?

Make your work area safer with Veyor.

With Veyor’s digital booking system, you can ensure that all drivers entering your site have undergone mandatory safety protocols before they arrive, improving safety and reducing liability. You can also quickly and easily communicate any specific restrictions around the loading dock and ensure this has been acknowledged. At Veyor, we know safety comes first, second, and third! Prevention is always better than a cure, right?
Get your workforce moving with Veyor

Sydney Metro - Digitised Logistics Management

"The software is extremely user friendly. I would highly recommend this product and look forward to using it on future projects."


Dave Gahan

Structures Foreman, Lendlease

"Veyor is extremely user friendly. All subcontractors have taken to the app and praised it for its ease of use."

Ben Twyford

Site Manager, BESIX Watpac

"Veyor leads to huge time efficiencies for all involved, there is no unnecessary time spent on repetitive communication across multiple teams."

Marcus Clarence

Operations Manager, Westfield

“The ongoing support and training provided by Veyor during system migration has been second to none.”