How Veyor's making multilevel projects a whole lot simpler

Set to open in 2025, AMLI Atlantic Station is a unique 12-story, mixed-use building overlooking Atlanta’s downtown Connector. Featuring 390 units, structured parking, around 25,000 square feet of shops and restaurants, as well as a massive range of modern amenities, it's an innovative structure that requires a massive crew to build and organise.

While JE Dunn were using a free software to manage their deliveries in the early stages of the project, they switched to the Veyor mobile platform and its more extensive set of capabilities -- something that appealed to Sam Stark, Superintendent at JE Dunn.

"The ease of use allows trade partners to coordinate and schedule their deliveries themselves."

Sam Stark

Superintendent, JE DUNN

Mobile friendly, all the way

Because Veyor is mobile, you can be onsite, making sure everything's running smoothly and making changes to operations with a couple of clicks. Relying on whiteboards, emails, and hard copies to keep things under control is a thing of the past on the Atlantic Station site, because now, Sam just needs his smart device to make scheduling easier, connect teams, manage daily safety processes and ensure transparency.

“You know very quickly whether your delivery is approved or not”

Sam Stark

Superintendent, JE DUNN

When everyone’s on Veyor, things get easier

That ease of use isn’t just a benefit to Sam – it has flow on effects to the entire job site. JE Dunn have 30 to 40 trade partners on site, and all of them are using Veyor – which makes things a whole lot easier for organise things. Sam doesn’t need to be stuck behind a computer desk all day at the office. Now his partners have the capability to do things themselves – freeing him for more important tasks.

“Veyor can cater to a wide range of trades”

Fast-track your set up with our expertise

It’s natural to be a little intimidated when you start out using a new piece of software. But Sam believes the Veyor team helped make the transition as smooth as possible. Here at Veyor, we pride ourselves on making onboarding a seamless process. In fact, we even have a dedicated in-house support team to ensure you’re up and running quickly and enjoying the benefits of Veyor sooner rather than later.

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Get everyone on the same page.

Back in the old days, keeping everyone on the same page was a big ask – especially on a massive project like the Atlantic Station. All it would take is a missed call, an un-replied to email or a smudged whiteboard message to throw the whole day off kilter. With Veyor, planning, coordinating and communicating with dispersed teams in dynamic environments becomes much simpler.

Our Senior Client Success Manager, Daphne Kandiran,
attending the site teams topping out party